Introducing My Bulgaria and My Quince Media

My Bulgaria ( is part of My Quince Media ( My Quince Media (MQM) could be described as an independent on-line media publisher. Currently, we are in the process of developing a substantial project consisting of seven website sub-projects:

MQM websites photo banner1. ELLINIKA –







It seems that they are too many to work on at the same time. Friends and family keep telling me that I must make a choice and concentrate on just one of them. It is indeed a lot but not as much as it looks. That’s due to the fact that there are connections between them. There is common ground.

Ellinika, Lawlingua and Linguamaster have common ground in the sense that they are all about translation and interpreting and all things (including products and services in the broadest possible sense) to do with language. But they all go far beyond their apparent object and coverage in a multiple of ways.

Ellinika is about Greek translation/interpreting, Greek tuition and, generally, all Greek language related services, Greek books and dictionaries and virtually everything to do with the Greek language and Greek culture. Ellinika is addressed to both Greeks and non-Greeks. Especially, it is addressed to the UK Greek community and everybody in the UK, beyond the Greek community, that are interested in the Greek world, Greece and Cyprus, and their language, history and culture.

Lawlingua is about translation and interpreting and all language related services in the legal and judicial fields. It’s addressed to translators and interpreters who specialise in the legal field and lawyers who use interpreters in the course of their work. It’s also addressed to young people who are interested in making a career in legal translation and court interpreting. We would like Lawlingua to be interesting and practically useful to both translators and lawyers.

Linguamaster is the universal portal for translation and interpreting, language learning, language studies, dictionaries in all languages, language books for all languages, devices that help communication across languages, university courses in translation/interpreting, languages and linguistics – absolutely everything and anything to do with language and any language in the world in the broadest sense of the word (even sign language).

UKCY News is a news and information website – practically an online newspaper or magazine – addressed to the UK Cypriot community as a whole (Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians, Latins and all). The website, like all of our websites, follows the mobile revolution and is fun to read on small screens (such as those of android phones and tablets).

My Bulgaria is a website about Bulgaria and it’s the first of a series of websites about Balkan countries. It’s purpose is to generate communication, understanding and trade between Bulgaria and the western world and also between Bulgaria and the other Balkan countries.

Quince Books is about books and, especially, about electronic books and e-book reading devices. We already have skills in e-book publishing and would like to become e-book publishers and create our own e-book series. Especially, we would like to help new authors publish themselves.

Massage Culture is a very ambitious project. is not just a website. It’s a mission on all fronts connected to massage. It’s a mission to raise massage in the perceptions of “average people” from the level of “luxury” to the level of becoming part of daily life for mental and physical health. But this is just the starting point of a very inspired and imaginative venture.

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