Bulgarian protests and their slogans

Bulgarian protests

Recent protests in Bulgaria have been described by both Bulgarian and foreign media as “anti-government”. In fact, there are many signs, including slogans, showing that Bulgarian protests are not just against the government of the day.

Bulgarian protests are clearly against all major political parties and coalitions that have tried their luck in government since the establishment of capitalist democracy that followed the collapse of the socialist regime.  They are against a system of power that is making the poor poorer and the rich richer. In the minds of average Bulgarians, that’s the system that has driven many Bulgarians to become immigrants and, very often, cheap labour in richer countries.

The slogan of the photo reflects one of the most widespread beliefs among average Bulgarians. Regardless of which political party or coalition of parties is in government, Bulgaria is always perceived by its own citizens as a country in the tentacles of the mafia. It speaks by itself: “THE MAFIA HAS HIJACKED BULGARIA / WE UNITE TO TAKE HER BACK”

It is very sad but regardless of political beliefs, hardly anybody in Bulgaria would try to convince you that the country is not in the tentacles of the mafia. On the other hand, very few would be in position to provide a definition of the mafia and enlighten you as to who and where is the mafia on political and government levels.  But that’s part of the nature of every mafia.

Regardless of how they are seen and described by the media, Bulgarian protests can be expected to continue for as long as the political, economic and social crisis is not resolved. Ordinary people need to regain their faith and inspire hope in each other. The protest culture is developing across the Balkans and especially in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Some people go as far as talking about a “Balkan spring”.

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