Bulgarian for English Speakers

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How difficult is Bulgarian for English speakers? On the basis of a USA State Department classification with regard to difficulty, English speakers would not find it extremely difficult to learn the Bulgarian Language. According to research, Americans would find learning the Bulgarian Language only relatively difficult. Let’s see what they think.

Languages are evaluated in terms of how difficult it would be for USA citizens to learn them. Under the USA State Department difficulty classification, which includes four difficulty levels, the Bulgarian Language takes its place on the second difficulty level.

Other languages that take their place on the second difficulty level include: German, Greek, Indonesian and Malaysian while on the first difficulty level there are languages such as French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish.

According to the US language experts, more difficult for USA students are languages such as Armenian, Czech, Georgian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Turkish and Vietnamese, which are the languages of the third difficulty level. The most difficult of them all, on the fourth difficulty level, include languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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